Principles of the Club

  •  AZ 2-Somes was formed to provide a means for men in committed relationships to meet other like couples. 

  •  The club is very casual and doesn't intend to overwhelm members with a lot of the social structure that is frequently found in some clubs.

  • We purposely keep the club schedule light.  At the scheduled activities you’ll meet couples who share similar interests with you and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore those interests and develop lasting friendships.

  • The club is not aimed at sexual encounters.

Practices of the Club

We have one scheduled event every other month and it is hosted by one or more of the member couples (co-hosting with one or two other couples is highly recommended). As a member couple you are required to co-host an event for the rest of the group once each year. Frequently these events include dinner/pool parties held at a couple's home. Couples who do not have room for large gatherings usually team up with couples that do. However, your event doesn’t have to be a dinner party. The event can be anything the hosting couple/s want it to be… it can be held at a park, a bowling alley, a theater, a sporting event, a restaurant, wherever. This is NOT a contest for who can throw the best party; the goal is for everyone to have fun (and there’s nothing wrong with variety)!

As hosting couple/s you are responsible for making all the arrangements for the event. We use to invite members and to help the hosts track how many people will be attending their party. One of the volunteers has the master email address book already set up so all you need to do is let them know the details about your party (time, place, etc) and they will send out the invitations. If you plan on opening up the event to others (such as co-workers, family, or other non-members) you should pass that information along as well.

Members must get permission from the hosting couples to bring guests to the events. The decision of whether non-members may attend rests with the hosting couples.

Your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you. Every member will receive a membership list that contains names, addresses and phone numbers and other pertinent contact information. This information may not be shared with anyone outside the club.  However, the inclusion of any confidential information including pictures on the web can be excluded if the member couple so chooses.

We collect nominal dues (2010 the dues are $40 per couple) to pay "club" related charges and the annual business meeting in January. This fee is due each January and is NOT refundable.

We try to keep the club as "administration free" as possible but some duties must be performed and they are usually handled by volunteers from our membership (treasurer, photographer, newsletter editor, membership coordinator, etc). 

Checks for dues can be made out to AZ2Somes and mailed to the treasurer.

Any of these practices may be changed by agreement of the member couples.  


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